Monday, March 10, 2008

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Php 150,000,000.00 at stake in philippine lotto 6/49

no winner yet in the philippine superlotto 6/49 last thursday, march 6 and last sunday, march 9. price at stake last sunday was approximately at Php 140,000.000.00.

6/49 is being drawn every thursday and sunday. ticket priced at Php 20.00. this coming thursday, march 13, 2008 jackpot price will reach approximately to Php 150,000,000.00. filipino bettors are advised to take their bets as early as possible to avoid long queue in lotto outlets.

last sunday, my ticket won only Php 100.00 for 3 numbers out of 6. i feel lucky because i can bet my winnings in another draw. just try clicking on the link in the left panel of my blog to generate you own lucky number. there is no harm in trying. you might be the next millionaire come thursday. good luck!

Saturday, March 8, 2008

earning money online

earning money online is the trend today in internet surfing. while surfing, why not make time to earn. one just have be resourceful and creative enough to earn more. i prefer those that are free and it's just up to you to upgrade to earn more. it's worth a try. anyway, you won't lose something. you earn while being creative and have something to share with everybody in the net. why not try the following:

yuwie - a social networking with a twist -

zion -a social networking for the entrepneur -
traffic generation - a website promotion -
linkgrand -
linkprimer - a social networking -
money traffic exchange -
friends for cash - a social networking: socialize, play games, chat and many more to get paid:
cash pig - having fun and get paid :

these are just a few of the sites i am registered. i will be adding more in my next post.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

lucky number for lotto

lottery is already a part of filipino culture. ever since, there is jueteng for the luzon residents, masiao for the visayas and mindanao residents. there were also last two digits based on the winning sweepstakes, ending based on the scores in PBA (philippine basketball association), to name a few.
now there is lotto, ez2, three digits and six digits. filipinos are hooked with this games of chances.

whether one will admit or not, these games give hope for the filipinos not just for the C,D, E bracket but as well as with A,B bracket. even wealthy filipino-chinese are taking the risks to pot their money most especially when the jackpot is very much high. for the draw tonight in 6/49 Superlotto, at stake is estimated at Php 110,000,000.00. would you try your luck? remember for tonight's draw the ticket is priced at Php 20.00.

what could be your lucky number? try this link:

you might be lucky today to win tonight's draw. just do not forget to give me a "balato".

Thursday, February 28, 2008

faith crisis

for the past years i am in a faith crises and it somehow made a domino effect in my life. it somehow lead to a crisis one after another - financial, moral, so on and so forth.

just this morning as i opened my lot website, i came across to a link: www.

the website really enlightened me a lot. it educated me not just faith in god, but also faith in life, faith in oneself, faith in others and faith in organizations.

everything in this world are giving us pressure with our relationship to God, to ourself and to others. you've got to read the contents of this website to understand life itself.

Monday, August 6, 2007

simplified thoughts

it's my first time to create this blog. i do not even know what to blog. i am at lost with my thoughts. something is bugging me.....problems that life has offered to me. i want to come out of this problem triumphant but something in me wants to get out of it cowardly.... got what i mean?